Gloria/Jol Family Teasers – Martin Johnson House

Being able to watch your clients children grow into their personalities and evolve over time is a satisfying pleasure. And watching your friend turned also client have a happy life with the love of her life and said child is even more joy (and additional friend for me! and double bonus points for the same name). This year as all the others, was fun with ms Peyton. She really directed everything and just made my job easy…. she even directed herself. I learned so many new things and best of all got to see friends. It was their first sunset from the photos they’ve taken and it was exciting! I told Peyton I gotta do your photo while the sun is going down for a silhouette. She turns and says can I see the silly sweat? So folks, if I say we’re doing a silly sweat from now on… you know what it is!

Gokul Family Teasers – Martin Johnson House – La Jolla, CA

It has been 7 years since this last family’s “photos” and marking the 8th anniversary for Aarti and Mothilat. Aarti already won my heart when she said make sure I don’t look like Chandler. Instant connection! A beautiful new band exchange was done by none other than their pride and joy ofcourse! He was a little shy but at the end he was asking me if I wanted to get icecream with them, such a cutie.

Wolski Family Teasers – Wilson Creek Winery – Temecula, CA

Sometimes life goes by so fast that your friend who you’ve known for over a decade suddenly has a basketball team for a family. Brandi and Brandon are such a good parent team like a fine oiled machine. So impressive to watch them handle everyone including new baby twin girls! Having captured her engagement and wedding, these moments that came after are so special for me to capture. Look how cute they all are!