Isha + Karam Engagement Teasers – Torrey Pines

These two are so fun! It was my second time that day hiking Torrey pines with my 20lb gear. And those of you who know me… that does not happen. So needless to say that was the exercise of the day. The day overall was beautiful and by the end I was photographing super models. I think the best part was when I was literally standing on the rocks on the beach and in super slow mo like the movies… just fell backwards camera and all. As I saw my life flash before me I could see Karam running towards me in slow mo as well with Isha not far behind with her mouth open mouthing in super slow mo as well “oh…. my…… god….” It was the highlight of the day…

Rosa + James Engagement Teasers – Julian/Wynola/Santa Ysabel

The moment literally everyone has been waiting for…. Rosa and James Engagement! Here they are! the most perfect puzzle pieces that fit together! We got lost, found stuff, got pies, ate pies, see emus, and had a great day! It was a blistery day in the Julian area. Nothing beats the company of who you’re with. Rosa and James just exude happiness. To be around them is to be joyful. Check them out! (and yes… that is Rosa giving James a chest bump… she got air!)

Makeup/Hair: Sabrina

Venue: Santa ysabel/Julian/Wynola

ASSistant: Daniel Wright Gay