Spiller Family Teasers – Old Poway Railroad

When Perri contacted me for her family photos and her daughter’s headshots a flood of emotional history came to me all of a sudden. I still remember like it was yesterday being 19 years old walking to the gates of Dick’s Last Resort with my friend Jen to get “part time” jobs. That quickly soon became one of my “full time” jobs as I juggled multiple jobs and Perri gave us a chance and hired us. As we left our interviews, a loud voice yelled “WELCOME TO HELLLLLLLL!!!!” (we still went back) Thanks Stacie 🙂 As a young person you never know how someone in your life will influence you until way later in life sometimes and as a Facilitator at a cable company who tells people what to do all day long, I often always hear Perri’s lessons she taught me about humanity and being great at customer service. For that I always love her for taking time out of her life to do that to make me better. She is still to this day, 17 years later from the day I met her, mentioned in all my training classes as a class act and the way to do business.

Eleanor was a tiny thing and Elizabeth was just a wee baby by the time I left Dicks. And now Eleanor is the age at when I met Perri. they’re just gorgeous! You and Peter did good Perri! It’s funny how you can just see someone many years later and pick up right where you left off. True friendship. And for those of you wanting to know, yes it was Peri who yelled “NOW!” in the multiple shots I have of them flipping me off. Such a fun day! I hope you enjoy these Perri and Family!

Hannah + Kevin Wedding Teasers – Cuvier Park, The Wedding Bowl

The last Wedding of 2020 and how sweet it was to see that true love will always win! Fuck you covid. It was such a gorgeous day at Cuvier Park in La jolla. We started of at Hilton’s newest hotel. Hotel La jolla and my what a beaut Clark! As soon as we walked in to Kevin’s room we did a double take. I forgot he was a twin! Hannah couldn’t wait to be a Turner and was just as giddy as me waiting for cake. (You guys know)

The day would not be possible or as fun without the vendors that were involved:

Preceremony: Hotel Lajolla (Hilton)

Ceremony: Cuvier Park – Wedding Bowl

Flowers: Taylor Grace Designs

Makeup/hair: Kiara Turner

Coordinator: Sheila – Shine Wedding Coordination

Photographer: Stephy Wong Photography

Videographer: Ryan and Zach – Ryan Films

Special thanks to my right hand Ann always has my back.