Wolski Family Teasers

Sometimes life goes by so fast that your friend who you’ve known for over a decade suddenly has a basketball team for a family. Brandi and Brandon are such a good parent team like a fine oiled machine. So impressive to watch them handle everyone including new baby twin girls! Having captured her engagement and wedding, these moments that came after are so special for me to capture. Look how cute they all are!

Jana + Daisy Wedding Teasers – Aolani Catamaran Harbor Island

What an absolutely perfect day it was for Daisy + Jana’s Halloween Dia de la muertos Wedding! The waters were calm and the love was in the air for sure. This intimate wedding set sail on the Aolani Catamaran out of Harbor Island. We all were witness to the Blue Moon in all it’s glory and the love that is Jana and Daisy

Ceremony/Reception: Aolani Catamarran Sheraton Harbor Island

Officiant: Aolani Captain

Cake: Baby Cakes

Photographer: Stephy Wong Photography

big thanks to my BFF/ASSistant Kevy

Marie + Otto Wedding Teasers – Long Beach, CA

Love wasn’t cancelled for Marie and Otto! A beautiful day in Long beach it was for this intimate nuptial. With their closest friends and family they declared I do! Marie is just the most genuine beautiful person you could meet and Otto would do anything for her. Together they are unstoppable.

Ceremony: St Lucys’ Catholic Church Long Beach

Hair: Hairspray Studio

Cake: Cakes by Holly K

Photographer: Stephy Wong Photography

Zoom Video: Ann Bushard

Thanks to my ASSistant Kevy