Shazella + Deshaun Bun in the Oven teasers – Old Poway Railroad

These two are expecting and they’re going to have a Leo baby! No they’re not professional models, they woke up that way. By the end of the shoot, Deshaun was ready to submit his headshots to JC Penny. 🙂 🙂 What a wonderful sweet couple they were and we had a great time trekking across […]

Alexandra + Jack Bun in the Oven Teasers – Old Mission Dam Engagement

This beautiful couple wanted photos before Jack left for deployment so he can cherish the memories before he gets to meet his beautiful baby when he comes back home.

Plumly Maternity/Hotdog or Taco Reveal – Captain Whidbey Coupeville Washington Maternity

The moment you guys have all been waiting for. Is it a hotdog or a taco….. The wait is over! Haley held this in for so long and was dying with anticipation to spread the good news! We used ice cream to reveal who the winner is! Which ice cream flavor was left standing… take […]