Covid-19 Guidelines for Weddings 2022

1. Photographer(s) will maintain a minimum distance of 6 feet, fear not we have fabulous lenses that let us get close.

2. Photographer(s) will wear masks anywhere/time/location that is required for safety ordinance as required by the state.

3. No physical contact will be made between photographer(s) and clients, but don’t worry we will tell you if you need to fix your hair.

4. To comply with safety guidelines, during getting ready photos, and other photos in small rooms we ask that any non essential people vacate the room while shooting (i.e. extended family, friends etc).

5. If you have a long train Kevin will still fluff you, but any close touch ups, we will point them out so you can fix yourself.

6. For family photos we will no longer be able to hold any personal items for family members or friends. We will also direct poses from atleast 6 feet away.

7. For your ceremony we are limited to CDC, State, and local guidelines in regards to number of guests and spacing. Do to this certain angles or views may not be possible when shooting. (I.e. guests standing, or spread out blocking certain areas).

9. For reception, if there is a dance floor, we will maintain distancing guidelines, from anyone dancing. We have lenses that will allow us to shoot from a safe distance and capture up close moments still. We will no longer be able to shoot from in the middle of the fun.

* Rules and regulations are subject to change based on CDC state and local guidelines