Who is Stephy?

I’m Stephy Nash, I like cake and long naps on the couch. Why Wong you ask? It’s my middle name …. which I hid forever until now! I just said embrace your asian-ness (is that a word?)

I have been shooting people for over 16 years and 450 weddings later, and I have had the privilege and honor to shoot the most wonderful amazing clients and their beautiful Engagements, Weddings, Maternity, and Family photos! If you really want to know what it’s like to work with me go here to check out the experience of the behind the scenes in action. (do it… you know you want to)

I like to post teasers for my clients … because mostly I’m impatient and want you to see how fabulous you rocked the day. I like my relationships with my clients to be more like a friendship.

I married my meant to be partner Mike in Hawaii and have 2 fur babies that like to tackle you and fart. In this union, I also inherited 3 crazy stepchildren who make us, the family we are! In my spare time I paint acrylic paintings on canvas, watch Friends, and sing karaoke (I’m Filipino what do you want from me!) 🙂



Who shoots with you?

I have a great crew that second shoot with me when they’re not busy shooting other stuff, who you will absolutely love as well!

We love each other can’t you tell?



The Stephy Crew


Senior Shooter


Ann was an aspiring photographer and fell in love with Photography ever since her first basic film class in high school. She is a big foodie and will never turn down good grub. She is married to her high school sweetheart Travis and they have been together for 15 years! They have 2 cutie patootie babies and enjoy spending time with each other in their free time. Ann was born and raised in Hawaii and loves to visit any chance she gets! Ann is the most loyal, caring, sweet human you will ever meet. She has a great eye for love and you’ll see that in the images she captures.


Senior Shooter


Janis is a jem and an asset in the photography community. She brings over 15 years of experience and has a wonderful eye for details, great light, and has the bubbliest laugh that will brighten anyone’s day!  She loves interacting with couples to bring out the best in them when she’s shooting which brings out the best in her.  When she’s not shooting she enjoys being a foodie with her boyfriend David who is also a talented landscape Fine Art Photographer, and being there for her furbaby Marley’s every beckoning call, scratches, treats, walks, rubs 🙂 

Senior Shooter


She is sexy and she knows itttttt!  Angee is a 12 year seasoned photo veteran  and a  girl after my own heart. I swear she’s the white version of me (but so much more glamorous right???) She has such a creative eye for the small details and such a big heart for capturing the love in  couples, children, and even animals! She’s funny when she doesn’t even mean to be and she’s loving when you really need it the most.  You’ll love hanging with her!


The ASSistant/Client Hunter/Bagsitter/ASSociate Photographer/Marketing Manager/Dog handler/Professional Dress Bustler

K (10)


Kevin is our client go-getter and ASSistant for those weddings that really need an extra touch of fun. He is an associate shooter that can get those awesome birds eye view angles that noone else can get and a creative eye for details that other “men” may not think of.  He may also be known as the baby and dog whisperer for those shoots that require special attention.  He has a great attention to detail and loves capturing any moment he can witness of couples.  Kevin likes to capture those really fun candid moments that you don’t know are being taken and he’s so tall, he knows that it’s raining first so he can warn and cover you.  He loves burritos and sausage and dropping it like it’s hot to Bette Midler.


Our Geek Webmaster



Mikey is our network and site webmaster. If the site is broke we just blame him 🙂 He’s gay, proud, and here to stay. Mikey likes short walks to the buffet and long naps on the beach.
My husband/wife ASSistant team. They work together on everything or they would miss each other too much. How sweet… (barf) 🙂 This dynamic duo are quick and efficient and will do anything to help me get that perfect shot


The Stephy Wong Team if they were on Saturday Morning Cartoons (yeah we’re that old)

Getting us all together would have been an act of Congress. So this is the company photo

Stephy loves ya baby!

Stephy is a big supporter of several charities and groups including: American Cancer society, M.A.D.D, S.A.D.D.,
CFF, St. Judes Children’s hospital, Pug Recue, and Pit bull Rescue

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