Proposal Deets

So you found your Lobster and are ready to pop the question huh? Well I can capture that moment in time for you! It’s easy as 1,2,3!

  1. You ask, they say yes, and then you email/text/call me

2. We set up a date/time that works best for what you have planned, whether it be a fancy dinner plan after, daytime picnic, casual evening and a bite, or romantic sunset walk on the beach. I will help you plan it all! I will send you a pirates’ map, location screenshots, and where to stand.

3. You show up at the time we planned and the place we set and I witness it all and photograph you in all it’s glory! After the question is popped and an answer is said (I will still keep the money if they say no, but I will burn all the photos if you wish so you never have to see them again) I will pop out and say congratulations (or good riddance) and we do a mini engagement session!

Things you should know:

  • I will be available to you anytime after booking for any planning, ideas (even if it’s outfit or restaurant recommendations).
  • You can bring the family or friends as a surprise so they can pop out after and congratulate you and you can even take photos with them! P.S. Furbabies count as family also and can definitely be part of it.
  • You can decorate the area ahead of time if that’s your jam. (or hire someone to do that, I have peoples if you need peoples). Feel free to bring anything you’d like including celebration champagne… or cake… just sayin’… I’ll eat it
  • I will be in contact with you on the day of when I arrive at the location (including real time photo of where I am), setup, and ready for you to arrive!
  • I will set up the time based on what you want, daytime, dusk, sunset, etc…
  • I will post teasers for you of your proposal if you’d like which you can use to share with the world that you are ENGAGED!