Rosa Andrea + James Wedding Teasers – Coronado Centennial Park/Ferry Landing

The moment we have ALL waited for nearly 10 years later. Rosa (or Andrea or Andi) however you know her and James are married!!! What an amazing ceremony and great group of supportive family and friends. The day was overcast… you know.. how I like it. Hardly anyone around for this am wedding. Rosa is like my little sister and I am beyond happy her dreams and hopes just came true today… a day that also marks their anniversary… incase you were wondering “who gets married on a Wednesday at 9am?” James is absolutely her protector and true love and he’s funny as shit to be around. Together the perfect couple. Here are some teasers from the day:

Ceremony Venue: Centennial Park Coronado

Officiant: Jer bear

Makeup: MaTany

Hair: Karla

Photographer: Stephy Wong Photography

Florals/Leis: Moms/ Laika

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