Sara + Andy 10 Year Anniversary Teasers – Windjammer 2022, LaJolla, CA

I have known Sara and Andy for a decade starting with their wedding 10 years ago! Since then, I had rebranded 6 years ago and they have followed me ever since. They are the kind of couple that you WANT to be around and can have a great time with ALWAYS. Andy is always ready for Blue Steele. Sara is always so thoughtful and sweet. They brought me cake cuz they know the way to my heart clearly (they know I’m a fatass). We started the evening in LaJolla with a 10 year cake cutting to celebrate a love that is truly what marriage is about. Love, no matter sickness, health, bad shit, good shit, and all that comes in between. They are each other’s rock like no other and I can’t wait to shoot their 20th anniversary, then 30th, then 50th (well if I’m still alive). We caught a beautiful sunset and I am so happy to see these two still so in love. Congratulations you two!

Check out the teasers from the day.

2 thoughts on “Sara + Andy 10 Year Anniversary Teasers – Windjammer 2022, LaJolla, CA

  1. Your photographs are wonderful. Your comments about Sara & Andy are spot on. I had the pleasure of catching up with both a few weeks ago while in San Diego. Sara & Andy are truly blessed in their marriage and are great to be around on any occassion. The Love they share for each other, life in general and all those that connect with them is wonderful. While your photos capture beauty in there moment, they are only the tip of reality they present to the world.Wishing them more joys in life and continued success in your business of doing the same outstanding and professional photo shoots with all clientele that come your way.

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