Jana + Amy Eloped! Teasers – Delmar Dog beach, Delmar, CA

What a lovely morning it was for these two. Just a couple of crazy kids in love who didn’t want to wait any longer to profess to the world they are each others forever (but not really to the world, because they did it privately and for each other). They came prepared with donuts and champagne. They helped me with my exercise for the day because I had to walk up a giant ass hill to get to the ceremony site (my fit bit thought it was “aerobic activity” so thank you ladies! They even rock, paper, scissored for who gets to do vows first. And all officiated with a lovely ceremony by David Cutler…. for those of you who know me, know the irony in this. This David, was sweet and did a kick ass job!  Amy and Jana are such a beautiful couple and to be around them is truly to be in the presence of love



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