Dr and Mrs. Dr Sanchez 20 year Anniversary Teasers – San Francisco, CA & Napa, CA

When you can make it past 10 years of marriage it’s quite an accomplishment, but when you get to two decades thats’ impressive! These two did just that and can still say “I do!” today. This was a great trip and had lots of memories that included, cars, almost crashes, cows, wine, buttholes, and weeners to say the least. We stopped at the opera war house in San Francisco and then the gorgeous Palace of Fine Arts. Then we headed over to Napa for a few days of wine, wine, and more wine.

I also met Dr at the place we call “hell” if you saw the previous blog, and there is no better partnership than what we have. I can always count on him for support on anything and to eat cake at any time.

Here’s to another 20 guys! Congratulations!

Locations: Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco City Hall, Chrissy Beach, Muir Beach, Castelo di Amerosa, and Raymond Wineries

Makeup/Hair: Me!

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